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Échantillons de produits // Products Sample

 Fingerprint mouse FT-180
Can be used as mouse and fingerprint scanner
Can be embeded into ERP,CRM etc.
Image precision is 500DPI
Support to lock the system,encrypt the file by fingerprint.
 Fingerprint flash disk FT-160
It is the flask disk ,such as 64MB,128MB,256MB
Encrypt the file by fingerprint and protect the disk.
Image precision is 500DPI
Support to login to the disk,and encrypt the file.
 Attendanc checking alone - FT210
One of the best popular fingerprint attandance time-clock
Can be suitable in all environment
By PC,you can manage all data records(the time check in/out)
 Fingerprint Door lock - FT310
It can control all of the electronical - lock
The scanner is made from optical reader
The LCD can show all the operation information what you do with the fingerprint lock.
 Fingerprint reader module-FT100A
Within CCD,CMOS and especially design
Include USB interface,so it can be connected with PC.
Image precision is 500DPI
Scan area 0.6'*0.5'
 Fingerprint reader - FT100
Design by our engineer
Bulk of reader 9.5cm*4cm*3.5cm
Optical scanner and USB interface,it supports windows system
 Fingerprint reader module - FT120A
Different from optical scanner,it's made from capacitance wafer
It's better than optical scanner for dryness fingerprint
And little then optical scanner
 Fingerprint reader - FT120
It's made from capacitance scanner,and USB interface.
The 460DPI precision is suitable for most of application
The fine shell can be suitable for more of enduser
 PC Biologon - FT130
To support Windows9X,WINME,WINXP,WIN2K
To support to login windows system with fingerprint and without username & password
To encrypt or decrypt the file by fingerprint
 Fingerprint - SDK
Support all of fingerprint scanner with USB interface
Support VC,VB,PB & etc.
Can be developed for every software,for example,ERP,HR...
 Attendance by PC-fingerprint - FT150
Check in/out by fingerprint scanner which is connected with PC by usb.
In company,employee checks time or login computer system with it
Can be used in school,hospital,company and government
 Fingerprint lock - FT350
The scanner can be optical or capacitance
We support OEM or SDK.

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