president.jpg (13559 bytes)PROVIEW GROUP has been established since 1987. Dr.Augustus Huang, who is the founder and leader, has been working hard in the optical field about 24 years before this company has been founded. Undoubtedly, he is representing a 34-year history of optics industry.

PROVIEW was being marked about 8 years (un-registered)prior to founding this firm, i.e..brand marketing has been total 18 years before the company was established, the design was focused on fashion sunglasses and the company supplied to the global OEM, there were approximate 30 kinds of well-known brand, such as Pierre Cardin, Christian Dior, OP, Prince, Catalina, Terramar, Patrick USA.MAUI, Kanga Roos, PROPERTY.SWEDISH POLLENIQUE and so on.

At the same time, Designing innovative + special glasses for big entrepreneurs as promotional & incentive & give-away products, such as Coca-Cola, Pepsicola,Philip-Morris,R.J. Reynold, Proctor & Gamble. Kodak, McDonald, Winndy Hamburger, SeaWorld, Round Table Pizza,America Tobacco, Anhauser-Bush Budweiser, Vivitar Camera, Lark, 7-Up,Bee-Dees,AT & T, Toyota, NEC,IBM, Ski-Totes, Wynn's Oil, Nikon, DENSO, SOHIO, RYDER ARMCO.Gulf Oil.SK, FEDERAL MOGUL.EIS BRAKE BECK'S BEER, COORS.APPLE COMPUTER, OLYMPUS, SCHAOFF, RIP CURL, SUNKIST, DODGE, GOTCHA, Ball-fan market, NFL28 Teams, Miami Dolphins, Dallas Cowboys, New York Jet, Pittsubrg Steelers, Washington Redskins, San Diego Chargers and National baseball League: New York Yankees.

We resolutely built our own brand(Registered all over the world)when design, R&D, quality and shipment were confirmed and thought highly by the global famous firms & consortia. Another stage of growing-up and transforming made our brand-marketing around the world begin. Furthermore, on one hand, making use of powerful plan & electronic media advertisement on the globe to make brand + image; On the other hand, teaching buyer and consumer to understand all lines of PROVIEW products. That is why we ranked 15th at global manufacturing brand and image (Including all kinds of industries in Taiwan)in 1995-6. Remark:No.1 is ACER; No.6 GIANT; No.14 PROTON

Market space + product's effects & characteristics + consumer's potentiality. Niche is very huge. From kid's correction sight optics, TV game optics to adult's driving, working, playing computer, fishing/sporting optics, Further to new Aspheric II reading optics for elders, we can see very clearly PROVIEW every series of protection eyewears lines are involved in everyone's life. They can be accompanied anytime. Here comes advanced Laser Protection Optics for Military/Industry/Medical to benefit more human beings.

People regard PROVIEW products as necessities so that our products might be best-sold in over 150 countries all over the world. Owing to different products + marketing spaces, consumers are able to own many kinds of different practical glasses in one time.So the market space and potentiality is uncountable.

Today, PROVIEW series is built for 18 years based on its own brand in the global and are recognized + thought so highly with excellent image that we might be granted Int'l prizes so many times during 1995-1996. And be ranked by "TAIWAN'S BEST" symbol of excellence for two years. Meanwhile, be prized "Golden-Quality Asia Area in 1995". By 1995,our turnout was exceeded NT$2 billion only in Japan's agency market (PROVIEW series live in Japan about 13 years). According to Int'l appraisal, products accepted and sold in Japan market, without doubt, are owned a guarantee to be promoted into the global.

It comes from good + confirmed quality control.

  • Company Profile

  • Exporter

  • Manufacturer

  • Capital

  • US$10,000,000 to 14,999,999

  • Primary Competitive Advantages

  • Experienced R&D Department

  • Production Capacity

  • Large Product Line

  • Reliability

  • Reputation

  • QC Responsibility

  • in-house

  • Sales Volume

  • US$100,000,000 to 249,999,999

  • No. of Total Staff

  • 350 to 399

  • Year Established

  • 1987

    Brand Names Proview

    Export Markets Worldwide

    No. of R&D Staff 10 to 19

    No. of Engineers 30 to 39

    Monthly Capacity 5,000,000 to 5,999,999 Pieces

    Product Range

    Sun-sensors driving visor

  • Double folding reading optics with lighter case

  • Mini reading optics with cosmetic case

  • Night driving optics

  • Laser protection optics

  • Amber optics (sun blue-blocker)

  • Computer/TV game optics

  • Corrective PD vision optics

  • Reading eyewear

  • Sun-telescope

  • Sports and fishing optics

  • Welding optics

  • Industrial safety optics

  • Eagle-eye sunglasses

  • Safety Approval

  • ISO 9002

  • FDA

  • Logox.gif (2621 bytes)
    Prologo.gif (3255 bytes)
    night-icon.gif (2159 bytes) Night Driving Optics
    laser-icon.gif (2884 bytes) Laser Protection Optics
    amber-icon.gif (2327 bytes) Amber Optics
    computer-icon.gif (2642 bytes) Computer Optics
    correction-icon.gif (2639 bytes) Correction PD-Vision Optics
    reading-icon.gif (1972 bytes) Reading Eyewear
    sun-icon.gif (3221 bytes) Sun-Telescope
    goggles-icon.gif (3202 bytes) Goggles
    sun-drv-icon.gif (2141 bytes) Top Sun-Drive Optics
    swimming-icon.gif (2807 bytes) Swimming Goggles
    sports-icon.gif (2610 bytes) Sports & Fishing Optics
    welding-icon.gif (2714 bytes) Welding Optics
    industrial-icon.gif (2510 bytes) Industrial Safety Optics
    eagle-icon.gif (2298 bytes) Eagle Eyes Sunglasses

    Sun-Sensors to Control Light Reading Optics
    Double Folding Reading Optics Driving Visor
    (Daytime use)
    Driving Visor
    (Night-time use)

    Nova-1 CO2 Medical Laser Surgery Scalpel
    Your Health Starts From This Points!

    laser-1.jpg (20282 bytes)
    laser-ani.gif (17255 bytes)

    Homer Ion HL-III 電療器第三代

    homer.jpg (17005 bytes) NO. 1998-A1
    NT$89,000.00 US$2,967.00
    • 最新型電腦自動經皮神經電刺激器(HL-III)曰本進口
    • 四種預設自動治療功能,適用於肩部,腰部及上下肢關節、疼痛舒解,解除酸痛;打通經脈穴道。
    • 治療導兼具濕式熱敷,自接擴張皮膚及皮下微血管,降低治療位置阻抗。
    • 導子傳導度測定,預防治療部位灼傷。
    • 在家裡DIY自己動手做,方便舒適,不怕壞天氣更不用在醫院排隊浪費時間和眾多病患一同使用,衛生又安全;不用怕被感染。
    • 歡迎蒞臨本公司參觀試用。

      Good for Massaging Effect (Recovery from Fatigue, Increase of Blood Circulation, Relief from Neuralga and Muscle pains etc.) Stiff shoulders and Paralysis of Peripheral Nerves and so on.

    Logox.gif (2621 bytes)Proview New Product Menu !!

    Sun-Sensors to Control Light Reading Optics
    Double Folding Reading Optics Driving Visor
    (Daytime use)
    Driving Visor
    (Night-time use)
    Cover of Wrap-around Optics


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